Winnie & Dash!

I have these cousins. They have kids. I have probably put them on the blog before,  I imagine I have at least. I like them. Mostly photo shoots have been feeling like i’m just hanging out with friends which is great! The only difference is that when i’m shooting photos rather than just hanging out i’m not drunk. i’m kidding.

Kid photos are fun. Kids do kid things and I take photos, it’s the best! Sometimes I say things like “hey! you should look over here and smile!” Sometimes they do and sometimes they run away. Hey, that’s fine. They probably have a plan. I can get on board with that. I did take these kids to the junk yard. I knew before I even got there that it’s not the smartest idea. I will not bring kids to the junk yard again. I will bring them to the park or some other nice location without rusty nails and old tires full of water. lesson learned. oxox

STU! JULIE! WINNIE! DASH! you guys are great. oh & the winnie & dash are twins! they will be bff’s forever. at least i hope! 





















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